Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mud Lover

This past week we build a mud kitchen.  And when I say "we"--I mean Daddy built the mud kitchen while I shopped for all the pots, pans, strainers, and utensils at D.I (I may have also bought an orange velvet couch as well...).  We saved our sink from our kitchen remodel because I knew I wanted a mud kitchen.  So far, it has gotten a lot of use.  Even Wessie likes to play in the mud and with the water.  And my floors will never be clean again!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What's Up in Our World

::Wessie finally got his blanket. 
::I finished restoring my "new" 1950s stove. 
::I dine daily with the law. 
::We harvested 62 pounds of cherries. 
::My pantry closet is finally shelved and organized. 
::Turnips from our garden for dinner. 
::Garlic harvest and picking out the best heads for seed for next year. 
::Black raspberries for snacks. 
::Yam leaf from the Asian market rooted to fill two raised beds.
::Hoping for a good sweet potato harvest. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen Remodeling and a Dining Table in my Living Room

By the by...I wrote this post FOREVER ago but never published it. Because I was busy. Making my kitchen awesome. 

It's amazing how long I've made my 5 feet of kitchen counter space work for me. 2 whole years of rolling out pie crust on my kitchen table, making chicken nuggets, mixing up cookies-doughnuts-cornbread-muffins-bread-pizza. Canning salsa, tomatoes, beans, peaches. Not to mention washing every last flingin' flangin' dish by hand (that's a lot of dishes when you make every thing from scratch). 

Last week I had exactly 1 square foot of countertop to work on because we just got our Bountiful Basket and washed all the produce. So that was drying on towels by the kitchen sink. And my husband's beloved kitchen radio was taking up some precious real estate. And for some reason we are lazy about taking the empty canning jars back downstairs to our storage room so we had a few of those hanging around. Oh, yeah, and I've just started making homemade, authentic sauerkraut so I had a quart jar of that fermenting on my counter. And I thought to myself:  "Self, how long can you keep this up?  I mean really. You are a serious bakist and you work in a weeny teeny easy-bake-oveny kitchen. AND canning season is coming around the bend...again!"

Then my husband said something dangerous. "Let's get a dishwasher."  Oh, the floodgates are open now!  Took me 2 hours to fall asleep that night as I mentally arranged and rearranged my kitchen. 

So, bright and early Momday morning I started my magnificent kitchen transformation. I started by turning my kitchen table. Then I shoved my noisy fridge over next to my table, freeing up exactly 30 glorious inches of space to put in some new cabinets and countertops (to make up for the cabinet space the dishwasher would steal). It's so decadent. I might actually get to leave my stand mixer on the counter instead of storing it on the floor in the hall closet.  

Then my friend came over and we started talking about putting the dining table in the living room where my piano used to reside. If we did that I would be able to get a big fat pantry cupboard for ALL of my kitchen tools. Then I wouldn't have to store my food processor, dehydrator, big mixing bowls, and my stockpot with steamer basket in Ede's bedroom closet; or my deep fat fryer, pizza pans, and hamburger bun pan downstairs; or my arsenal of gluten free flours, bread mixes, grain grinder, crockpots, stand mixer, and my waffle iron in the hall closet. I could be so much more efficient and I wouldn't have to wait for Ede to wake up from naps to get my food processor.  And I could finally put my juicer AWAY!

In the end I decided that I HATED my dining table in the front room. So it's cozied up right next to the fridge, probably forever. But I like it. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013